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Our plan for your success

Rethink IT

We understand how frustrating and powerless it can feel to work with inefficient and time consuming workflows with antiquated technology. Avèro focuses on integrating systems that deliver the highest value while keeping tax payer dollars spent to a minimum. We help guide local governments to rethink IT by leveraging existing staff and budgets to find the best way to implement new workflows, software, and infrastructure.

We help build smarter communities that empower its citizens and enrich lives.

Our experience serving local governments has made us pros at identifying the best way to use internal resources and where to invest in new technology and infrastructure. See what our clients have to say here.

Avèro Services

  • IT Strategy Planning

  • Business Process Reengineering

  • System Integration & Implementation

  • IT as a Service (ITaaS)

  • Network & Cyber Security

  • Fiberoptic Networks

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