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What We Do

What We Do

IT Strategy Planning

An effective IT strategy needs to incorporate all aspects of technology management, including cost management, human capital management, hardware and software management, vendor management, risk management, and any other concentrations in the enterprise IT environment.

Planning and executing an IT strategy requires strong IT leadership.  Avèro Advisors works closely with all levels of IT involvement in addition with business, budget, and legal departments to craft an efficient and intelligent plan for each organization. Avèro Advisors has successfully provided Information Technology assessment and strategic planning services to public sector clients across the United States using industry best practices and deep in house knowledge base of technology trends.

Business Process


Business Process Reengineering involves a profound redesign of core business processes to attain powerful and refined improvements in productivity, cycle times, and quality. 

Avèro Advisors helps to rethink existing processes to deliver more value to the department and organization. Business Process Analysis and Redesign is one of Avèro’s core areas of expertise and we pride ourselves in having delivered the highest value to our public sector clients through these services. Our staff is well versed in industry leading BPR methodologies and tools

System Integration & Implementation

Each environment and organization is unique.  Avèro focuses on integrating systems that deliver the highest value while keeping tax payer dollars spent to a minimum.  Our proven track record has garnered end results of fully integrated, high performing mission critical solutions that provide optimal end user experiences.

IT as a Service (ITaaS)


IT as a Service can be a more efficient way to run an organization's IT department. Avèro Advisors IT services allow organizations to spend less time on managing internal infrastructure and cost and more time influencing the future of the enterprise. We utilize hybrid approaches of on site and cloud applications and infrastructure that results in optimal cost and business performance.

Avèro Advisors maintains peace and calm within the walls of your castle. Network security is all about keeping everything safe within your organization by focusing on protecting your internal information and monitoring employee and network behavior in several ways. We adopt and update infrastructure for keeping effective ID's and passwords, updating firewalls, keeping internet access safe, keeping internal data secure by utilizing several layers of encryption, scheduling and maintaining redundant backups, and regular scans to ensure safe workspaces.

Cyber security is all about protecting your organization from threats outside of your organization. Avèro Advisors keeps your organization safe by creating, updating, and maintaining network protection to detect and protect against outside attempts to compromise your network. We keep up to date with industry threats and enterprise solutions.  Through the use of effective applications within the organization, we can identify any potential risk sources and protect against them.

Network & Cyber Security

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